Monday, December 14, 2009


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Often Time, Self Improvement Is More Important

(This is the fourth post of "self-concept". It will be a good idea to read the first three posts in order to appreciate what I am writing).

Most often, self improvement is more important rather than expecting other persons or other things to change or improve. Also, the fact of life is that you really cannot change others if others do not wish to change themselves. So do not take the burden of changing others. It is waste of your time and energy. Things will work out better for you if you bring about improvements within you. So, concentrate in that department. Often times, it is seen that if you behave better and keep doing so on every occasion in dealing with others (though, at times, it needs lots of patience), you are likely to get a better and desired reciprocation from others over a period of time.

And as we established earlier, the improvements cannot be effected without observations. So, the improvements within you too can be brought about only if you start observing yourself more and more and also with more keenness. By self observations, you start understanding your own self- your physical profile, your intellectual profile, you emotional profile, your spiritual profile, your competency and skill profile, your thinking patterns etc. You start knowing how good and how bad you are on these elements. You start getting introduced to yourself more and more in many ways. You also start seeing the potential of improvement in certain aspects within you.

You realize that if you can bring about these improvements within you, you can become more effective and efficient. Effectiveness and efficiency in turn will help bring better results through your actions leading to enhanced success, self esteem, growth and happiness in your personal, professional, family and social life.

So, the first step you took was to observe and to know your self more completely and more deeply. Getting introduced to your own self is known as creating the "self-concept" of one self. You have started answering the typical question, "Who am I?" You have your "self-concept" with you, now.

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