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(This is my tenth post on the subject of "self-concept". It will be beneficial to read through all of my previous nine posts on this topic before reading this post).

Titles of Some of Well Known Questionnaires/Instruments That Are Used to Determine the Self-concept on Various Factors

In the earlier posts, I mentioned that one could use the standard or customized questionnaires or instruments to explore the different aspects of one's self-concept. I give below a partial list of titles of some of the more popular types:

  • Winners and losers (Self image check list. Refer: (Winners and Losers)
  • How do you see yourself? (Personal preference index).
  • Johari window.
  • Firo-B (Interpersonal profile). Refer: (Interpersonal Relations)
  • Know your ego states (Ego-gram).
  • Self perception questionnaire: life positions (OKness).
  • Overall interpersonal/operating effectiveness.
  • Conflict management mode.
  • Leadership profile (Managerial grid).
  • Work patterns (Type A and type B personalities). Refer: (Stress Management)
  • Three sixty degrees feedback.
  • IQ questionnaires.
  • EQ questionnaires.
  • SQ questionnaires.

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