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Now, Little Bit of Analysis

(This is in continuation of my previous post. Therefore, first read the very first post on this page before reading this one).

OK, you completed the exercise. You counted the total number of observations made by you. You also worked out the percentage for observations on human beings and the percentage for observations on things other than human beings.

First, check up how many observations you made: is it nil observation, is it just about 1 or 2, is it below 3 observations, is it 5, or is it 7 or 10 and something else? I bet, a large majority of you might not have even reached a figure of 10 observations. Come to think of it- that's really not an impressive figure. And I am sure that many of you found the exercise a bit tough, you just could not scribble your observations just like that; it wasn't a cakewalk. It took some toll on you mind because you had not really observed enough and also had not observed that well.

Now get on with the percentages. Our general research on thousands of people who undertook this exercise tells us that your percentage of observations on things other than human beings is much higher than the your percentage of observations on human beings. In few exceptional cases, it could be other way round.

So two things become somewhat clear. First, majority of people do not make many observations on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour or minute-to-minute basis. They are not keen observers. Second, people observe the inanimate things more than the human beings.

Now, do one more little analysis. Of the observations made on human beings by you, how many observations you made relate to yourself and how many relate to others? Again, our general research on thousands of people tells us that with the exception of few, majority would have fewer observations on self and more observation on others.

Now this will be a general pattern for most people on most of the days, most of the times.

The inference from all this is: majority of people do not observe enough and do not observe well, majority of people observe the human beings with less keenness and within that, observations on the self is the minimum or negligible.

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