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(This is the eight post by me on the topic "self-concept" in continuation of previous seven posts. You will benefit more if you read the first seven posts in sequence before reading this post).

Time Dimension of Self-concept

There is yet another dimension to self-concept- the time dimension. Is self concept permanent, is it transitory?

Self-concept shows relatively more permanent self-assessments on various factors that constitute self-concept. These factors have been mentioned earlier. Example: if a person is laid back type, it is his more permanent trait and so, it is a part of his self-concept. But the same person may not feel well on one odd day and therefore, he acts a bit laid back on that particular day, it does not represent his self-concept.

However, self-concept may change with time if one tries to change oneself on any one or more or all of these factors or the change occurs due to factors beyond one’s control.

If one wishes to be more effective and efficient to achieve success and growth, one will have to improve one’s self concept from the present (self part and social part, mentioned earlier) to the ideal self concept profile (the ideal part mentioned earlier). This is an important journey- saying that I am here right now and I wish to reach there over a defined time line.

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