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(This is the ninth post on the topic "self-concept". Please read the earlier eight posts on the same topic and then come up to this post. You will like it better that way.)

Creating self-concept Is Not an Easy Exercise- It’s Not a Cakewalk

We give below one of easiest of the hundreds of more difficult to answer questionnaires that are used to uncover some specific aspects (factors described earlier) of the self-concept. Answer the questionnaire and get the flavor:

On Myself (Fill in the blanks against each point below with understanding and honesty):

  • What I like best about myself is__________________________
  • I am best at__________________________________________
  • My biggest success was/is ______________________________
  • In my job I enjoy______________________________________
  • My biggest weakness is________________________________
  • My biggest mischief is_________________________________
  • I feel unhappy when___________________________________
  • I feel most happy when_________________________________
  • I value myself for_____________________________________
  • I feel powerful when I__________________________________
  • I am special because___________________________________
  • I want to become the kind of person who___________________
  • One of my dreams is___________________________________
  • I am________________________________________________

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